Post a flyer made it easy in our mobile app


Step 1: Positioning

  1. Select your business postal code If you have multiple branches, choose Singapore Wide.
  2. Select the category of your flyer.
  3. Put the price, if applicable.
  4. Click Save.


Step 2: Offer

  1. Enter your listing title.
  2. Create the description of your promotion.
  3. Insert videos to your description via embedded link. This is optional
  4. Add more photos up to 2 photos This is optional.
  5. Click Save or Cancel to go back to the Step 1.


Step 3: Post a Flyer

  1. Upload or take photos of your the front and back of the flyer. Photos must be clear and enough lightning.
  2. Click Save.


Step 4: Call to action

  1. Provide all needed details
  2. Click Save as Draft, if don't want to publish yet Save as draft first to see the preview
  3. Click Place Listing and wait within a 30mins for approval

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